The Experience to Go the Distance

If you believe the lower court made an error in a ruling or your opponent has filed an appeal and you need to defend the lower court’s ruling, you need an experienced appellate attorney to help lead you through the process. Mullin Hoard & Brown’s attorneys have leveraged their substantial expertise on both sides of the appellate process for many of the most complex legal issues in the country.

We can help you: 

  • Prepare and argue case-dispositive motions, both pre- and post-trial
  • Draft and argue motions in limine, judgments as a matter of law and jury instructions
  • Take interlocutory appeals related to discovery orders, immunity defenses, class certifications and venue
  • Secure extraordinary relief through mandamus and supervisory orders
  • Provide tactical and strategic recommendations on issues that can set up or head off an appeal
  • Handle appellate mediations
  • Quickly respond to short-fuse projects such as appeals from temporary restraining orders and injunctions

Our attorneys have been admitted to:

  • The Supreme Court of the United States
  • United State Court of Appeals for the Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth & Eleventh Circuits
  • The Supreme Court of Texas
  • The Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas
  • Texas Courts of Appeals

Our Attorneys