Resolving Your Liabilities

Mullin Hoard & Brown bankruptcy attorneys have represented large business debtors as well as creditors, creditors’ committees, litigation trusts and bankruptcy trustees in various matters on both local and national levels. We draw upon the vast experience and expertise of our bankruptcy and litigation teams to provide our clients with cutting-edge, practical solutions.

Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy attorneys represent business owners, corporations and partnerships in the reorganization of a debtor’s business affairs, debts and assets. In addition, our bankruptcy attorneys will represent the debtor in automatic stay litigation to prevent the commencement or continuation of any action or proceedings against the debtor.

Creditor Rights Representation

Mullin Hoard & Brown understands the business of banking. Our attorneys have far-reaching experience delivering personalized representation to multiple industries on the matter of creditor rights, including:

  • Banks
  • Trust companies
  • Savings institutions
  • Asset-based lenders
  • Factors
  • Commercial finance lenders
  • Conduit lenders
  • Consumer finance companies
  • Mortgage bankers
  • Credit card servicers
  • Leasing companies
  • Public accounting firms
  • Special servicers

Trustee and Creditor Trust Representation

Mullin Hoard & Brown litigation bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience representing creditor trusts and work tirelessly to pursue all avenues to recover assets. Additionally, we represent and advise bankruptcy trustees as they navigate the appropriate legal procedure. We understand the duties and obligations of trustees and can ease concerns you may have when preventing unnecessary liabilities.

Fraudulent Transfers

There are numerous ways in which individuals and companies attempt to hide or keep assets out of the hands of creditors. We hold individuals and companies accountable for their creditor debts with practical problem-solving techniques. Our experience and strategic outlook enable us to stay a step ahead of those who try to manipulate the system and put their assets out of creditor’s reach. Whether we’re dealing with fraudulent transfers, fraudulent conveyances or offshore trusts, we have the skills and experience needed to rectify measures of unauthorized asset protection. We have litigated a multitude of cases for financial institutions and creditors, including assets located in the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans and the Cook Islands.