Holding Them Accountable

Mullin Hoard & Brown professional liability attorneys have been prosecuting professional negligence and directors and officers (D&O) liability matters for over 25 years. Our national legal network holds a record of successful outcomes against the most prominent accounting firm in the country and has recovered over $300 million for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) through settlements and trial.

Directors and Officers Liability

The attorneys of Mullin Hoard & Brown have extensive experience in the practice area of directors and officers liability. We prosecute directors and officers of private and publicly held entities for claims relating to negligence, gross negligence and a breach of fiduciary responsibilities. Our attorneys have successfully recovered funds paid by insurance companies as well as personal assets held by directors and officers. In addition, we are equipped to defend disputed insurance coverage claims often asserted by insurance companies for exclusions such as insured vs insured, regulatory matters, loss definition and more.


Our trial attorneys have successfully litigated accounting malpractice claims against current and past major accounting firms in the United States. Our representation includes the accounting treatment for goodwill generated under purchase method accounting, improper recognition of year-end gains, revenue recognition issues such as improper use of the percentage completion accounting method, misappropriation of assets and looting, overstatement of the value of residual interests in mortgage-backed securities offerings, improper valuation of intangible assets or unique collateral, undisclosed related party transactions, undisclosed regulatory violations, understatement of accounts payable resulting from improperly performed reconciliations of general and sub-account ledgers, and a host of issues arising under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, as well as regulatory accounting issues. Our attorneys have also examined a broad range of accounting, auditing and internal control issues. The claims asserted in these cases frequently include violations of the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws, and we are regularly engaged in the analysis of issues such as standing, allocation of fault and comparative negligence, imputation of wrongful conduct and in pari delicto issues, loss causation, and evaluation of damages based on loss of business value or deepening insolvency. With two CPAs on our team, we have the unique ability to bring an expert’s outlook to your accounting and auditing claims.

Legal Malpractice

If you feel that you are faced with a case of legal malpractice, Mullin Hoard & Brown can help. Our trial attorneys have successfully litigated legal malpractice claims against major law firms in the United States.

Appraisers and Real Estate Agents

We are experienced in real estate development and lending practices observed by banks and understand the role appraisers and real estate agents play in real estate development. Our trial attorneys have successfully litigated claims for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) relating to appraiser malpractice and claims against appraisers and real estate agents. Let us put our record of success to work for you.

Financial Services Professionals

Our team of attorneys can help you demand standards of fair service from financial professionals. We are equipped with the skills to successfully prosecute claims against brokers, investment advisors, investment companies and third-party administrators.

Architects and Engineers

We hold architects and engineers accountable for claims submitted by owners, contractors and occupants of buildings and structures.

Insurance Agents

Mullin Hoard & Brown has an understanding of the insurance industry and the coverage and limitations of various policies. We can prosecute your claims against insurance brokers and agents as a result of their failure under the principal/agency law.

Our expertise has allowed us to represent accredited entities such as:

  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Bankruptcy trustees
  • Creditors’ committees
  • Creditors litigation trusts
  • Major financial institutions