Fighting for You

We prosecute and defend all types of real property disputes under a variety of legal circumstances. These include ad valorem tax appeals, property line disputes and eminent domain and condemnation matters.

Eminent Domain & Condemnation

When dealing with an eminent domain case, it’s essential to have an experienced condemnation lawyer on your side. Our attorneys have successfully represented utility companies, private entities and individuals in condemnation matters. We can help you determine if the intended project qualifies under public use, how real property valuation is determined and how just compensation is paid. We are well versed in complex condemnation laws and procedures and can represent you in Texas or any other state.

AD Valorem

Our attorneys can help commercial real estate owners, land developers and personal property owners navigate property tax disputes. We also have the knowledge and expertise to reduce tax liability for clients owning complex commercial and industrial properties.

We have represented property owners in many ad valorem tax issues, including: 

  • Property tax appeals
  • Property valuation and fair market value disputes
  • Assessed tax rate disputes
  • Allowed exemptions and other tax liability reduction methods

Property & Boundary Line Disputes

When property line and boundary disputes arise, they can become contentious fast. Our experienced attorneys understand how to protect your rights in property line disputes and will work diligently to prove up the true boundary line and quickly resolve the matter on your behalf.